LinkedIn for Leaders- Unleash your thought leadership

You may be true thought leader but keeping your expertise with yourself is not going to help you and your brand, as very few people will know you.

It's time to unleash your digital thought leadership and allow us to add digital super powers to your leadership strategies.

LinkedIn is not easy especially for Leaders and Executives.

No B2B School Teaches You this.

It makes me sad when leaders and CXOs project themselves short on the digital social platform like LinkedIn. You are not going to like my message starting at 2:05 minutes mark in the video above. As all of us want to look good but... how many of us take care of our brand?

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Strategies which you will learn:

  • Image Transformation from Analog to Digital.
  • Digital Thought Leadership Transformation.
  • Brand Advocacy. (Employer Branding)
  • Building Influence within the organization and outside of the organization.
  • Content creation and curation strategies to strengthen the thought leadership.
  • Art of Social Networking.

By default, you will get:

        1. LinkedIn Profile Analysis (Worth INR. 5999/-) (USD $99)
        2. Professionally Designed LinkedIn Banner (Worth INR INR. 1099/-) (USD $ 19)
        3. Access to SalesMOJO University Secret Facebook Group

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About LinkedIn Coach (Kapil Thukral)

I am passionate about LinkedIn, and I have enabled leaders, founders and sellers to leverage this platform to enhance their digital image, leadership and sales numbers.
I have more than 70+ LinkedIn recommendation from the professionals whose average work experience is more than 14 years.

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No B2B School Teaches You this.